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Building the Sample Plugin

The Extensible SDK contains a buildable Sample Driver Support Plugin with a functional driver support illustrating the features of the Extensibility Framework. These simple commands build the plugin containing the sample driver support.

Starting from sdk_root:

$ cd samples
$ ./gradlew :driverSupport:jar

This creates the Sample Driver Support plugin JAR file sdk_root/samples/build/libs/driverSupport.jar.

The Sample Driver Support project provides a convenient way to see a working example plugin.


While it is possible to modify these driver supports by changing the Java source and rebuilding the plugin, when starting a new project to develop one, it is highly recommended that you create your own project rather than modifying files in the Sample Driver Support project subtree. This will prevent the loss of customizations to the project build files should you chose to install a new version of Masking Extensible SDK over your existing SDK directory.