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Retrieving Information about Installed Plugins

The GET endpoints are useful for getting information about plugins. After following the steps in this section to install the Sample Driver Support plugin, the GET operation will return (elided for brevity):

    "pluginId": 9,
    "pluginName": "Sample Plugin",
    "pluginAuthor": "Sample Plugin Author",
    "pluginType": "DRIVER_SUPPORT",
    "originalFileName": "driverSupport.jar",
    "originalFileChecksum": "f8398c0768ecf7709c6992b3f048f9da8be640285b3ccc968973949ca3cceb02",
    "installDate": "2021-04-21T15:29:01.982+00:00",
    "installUser": 5,
    "builtIn": false,
    "pluginVersion": "1.5.0",
    "pluginObjects": [
            "objectIdentifier": "1",
            "objectName": "Disable Constraints",
            "objectType": "DRIVER_SUPPORT_TASK"
            "objectIdentifier": "2",
            "objectName": "Disable Triggers",
            "objectType": "DRIVER_SUPPORT_TASK"
            "objectIdentifier": "3",
            "objectName": "Drop Indexes",
            "objectType": "DRIVER_SUPPORT_TASK"


The objectIdentifier field refers to the ID of the task. The order in which the tasks are returned from the API is the order in which the tasks will be executed; the objectIdentifier (task ID) has no bearing on the task execution order.

For each plugin, the plugin metadata, including pluginId, pluginName and originalFileChecksum are displayed first. This is followed by a list of tasks included in the plugin.