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Algorithm Syncability

The following tables specify which algorithms are syncable between masking engines (in addition to the masking engine key).


Only users with masking admin privilege are able to export and import algorithms.

User-defined Algorithms

Type Syncable Workaround
Lookup Yes NA
Binary Lookup Yes NA
Segmented Mapping Yes NA
Mapping No None
Tokenization Yes NA
Minmax Yes NA
Cleansing Yes NA
Free Text Redaction Yes NA
Custom Algorithm/Mapplet Yes NA (see Custom Algorithm)
Component Yes NA
## Built-In Algorithms


Syncing built-in algorithms do not actually import the files associated with them

but just updates their individual keys if they have them.

While some of the built-in algorithms are not synchronizable, mainly due to them being non-deterministic, we still can support the export of inventories that contain any built-in algorithm. We just do not guarantee consistent masking of those non-synchronizable built-in algorithms between engines.

Algorithm API Name Algorithm UI Name Type Syncable Workaround
AccNoLookup ACCOUNT SL lookup Yes NA
AccountTK ACCOUNT_TK tokenization Yes NA
AddrLine2Lookup ADDRESS LINE 2 SL lookup Yes NA
AddrLookup ADDRESS LINE SL lookup Yes NA
BusinessLegalEntityLookup BUSINESS LEGAL ENTITY SL lookup Yes NA
CommentLookup COMMENT SL lookup Yes NA
CreditCard CREDIT CARD calculated No None
DateShiftDiscrete DATE SHIFT(DISCRETE) calculated Yes NA
DateShiftFixed DATE SHIFT(FIXED) calculated No Already synchronized
DateShiftVariable DATE SHIFT(VARIABLE) calculated No None
DrivingLicenseNoLookup DR LICENSE SL lookup Yes NA
DummyHospitalNameLookup DUMMY_HOSPITAL_NAME_SL lookup Yes NA
EmailLookup EMAIL SL lookup Yes NA
FirstNameLookup FIRST NAME SL lookup Yes NA
FullNMLookup FULL_NM_SL lookup Yes NA
LastNameLookup LAST NAME SL lookup Yes NA
LastCommaFirstLookup LAST_COMMA_FIRST_SL lookup Yes NA
NameTK NAME_TK tokenization Yes NA
NullValueLookup NULL SL lookup Yes NA
TelephoneNoLookup PHONE SL lookup Yes NA
RandomValueLookup RANDOM_VALUE_SL lookup Yes NA
SchoolNameLookup SCHOOL NAME SL lookup Yes NA
SecureShuffle SECURE SHUFFLE calculated No None
SsnTK SSN_TK tokenization Yes NA
USCountiesLookup US_COUNTIES_SL lookup Yes NA
USCitiesLookup USCITIES_SL lookup Yes NA
USstatecodesLookup USSTATE_CODES_SL lookup Yes NA
USstatesLookup USSTATES_SL lookup Yes NA
WebURLsLookup WEB_URLS_SL lookup Yes NA
RepeatFirstDigit ZIP+4 calculated No Already synchronized

Custom Algorithms

Custom algorithms (mapplets) are syncable between masking engines if they are self-contained in the mapplet implementation file. Any other dependencies outside the implementation file, including the masking encryption key, will not be exported from one masking engine and imported into another unless you explicitly manage them. You can manage dependencies on the masking engine encryption key by explicitly requesting the export of the encryption key along with the custom algorithm. Other dependencies, such as data on local file systems or databases (including MDS), must be manually copied from one Delphix Masking Engine to another.

Extensible Algorithms

Extensible Algorithms are fully syncable between Masking Engines. There are two types of extensible algorithms:

a) Built-in into the Algorithm Plugin. Those are synced through synchronization of the corresponding plugin.

b) Configurable extensible algorithms. Those might be synced alone. All the dependencies for extensible algorithms (like other extensible algorithms, files, or external file URLs, mount points for NFS mounted files, algorithm plugins) are automatically synced along with the extensible algorithm. For example: if an extensible algorithm is configured for use by another extensible algorithm - the dependent one (or containing it plugin) is automatically synced during the sync of the main one.