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Min Max

The Delphix Masking Engine provides a "Min Max algorithm" to normalize data within a range – for example, 10 to 400. Values that are extremely high or low in certain categories allow viewers to infer someone’s identity, even if their name has been masked. For example, a salary of $1 suggests a company’s CEO, and some age ranges suggest higher insurance risk. You can use a Min Max algorithm to move all values of this kind into the midrange. This algorithm allows you to make sure that all the values in the database are within a specified range.

If the Out of range Replacement Values checkbox is selected, a default value is used when the input cannot be evaluated.

Creating a Min Max Algorithm via UI

  1. Enter the Algorithm Name.


    This MUST be unique.

  2. Enter a Description.

  3. Enter Min Value and Max Value.

  4. Click Out of range Replacement Values.

  5. Click Save.

For information on creating Min Max algorithms through the API, see API Calls for Creating Algorithms - Min Max.


Example: Age less than 18 years - enter Min Value 0 and Max Value 18.