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The Extensible Algorithms feature supports the creation of algorithm frameworks. When an algorithm class is constructed to be a framework, the Delphix Masking Engine operator may create additional instances of the algorithm - with different configurations - after the plugin has been installed. New instances are created by supplying a JSON document describing a new instance using the POST method of the Algorithm endpoint in the Masking Web API. This may be done using the Masking API client. The JSON schema for configuration is determined by which data members in the framework class are marked as configurable, and may vary from framework to framework.

New algorithms created using the SDK skeleton generator are not, by default, configurable using this mechanism. It is necessary to modify the default implementation of the allowFurtherInstances method and mark one or more public data members as configurable. This is described in detail in the next section.

This part of the documentation illustrates what options are available when creating an algorithm to define whether and what kind of configuration is required, and what, if any, default instances should be created. It will also describe how to create instances of a plugin provided algorithm framework using the Masking API Client.