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Binary Lookup

Extensible Algorithm Framework

A Binary Lookup algorithm is much like the Secure Lookup algorithm but is used when entire files are stored in a specific column. This algorithm replaces objects that appear in object columns. For example, if a bank has an object column that stores images of checks, you can use a Binary Lookup algorithm to mask those images. The Delphix Engine cannot change data within images themselves, such as the names on X-rays or driver’s licenses. However, you can replace all such images with a new, fictional image. This fictional image is provided by the owner of the original data.

Creating a Binary Lookup Algorithm via UI

  1. At the top right of the Algorithm tab, click Add Algorithm.

  2. Select Binary Lookup Algorithm. The Create Binary SL Algorithm pane appears.

  3. Enter an Algorithm Name.


    This MUST be unique.

  4. Enter a Description.

  5. Select a Binary Lookup File on your filesystem. A maximum of 50 Lookup Files can be selected.

  6. Click Save.

For information on creating Binary Lookup algorithms through the API, see API Calls for Creating Algorithms - Binary Lookup.