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As of release, the Delphix Masking Engine supports the installation of driver support plugins, written in Java, that provide tasks to execute before/after masking jobs on extended database connectors. Note that this feature requires creating/updating an uploaded JDBC driver to reference the driver support plugin, which is only possible via the web API. Thus creating an extended database connector using that JDBC driver and a corresponding masking job will allow you to enable whatever available tasks that are implemented by the driver support on the job, which you can do via the web API and UI. This process is detailed further here. This feature is referred to as Extensible Driver Supports. This section of the documentation details all aspects of masking driver support plugin usage and development. The Guided Tour portion of the workflows section walks the user through the basic process of building a simple plugin and installing it onto the Delphix Masking Engine. Other sections explore topics such as the DriverSupport interface and service interface.

This documentation assumes the reader has some familiarity with Java development as well as operation of the Delphix Masking Engine via both the UI and Web API Client. The reader should also understand the security requirements associated with any new driver supports being developed.

SDK Features

The Extensible SDK provides a number of useful functions that aid development of new driver supports for the Delphix Masking Engine. It is available on the Delphix software download site.

  • Creation of empty "skeleton" projects, with build files - the maskScript init sub-command
  • Testing of the execution of driver support tasks on a database without a masking engine
    • The maskScript taskExecute sub-command (NOTE: If you want to verify that the preJobExecute part of the task was successfully executed, you will want to comment out the reversal of the task in postJobExecute, or vice versa. Otherwise, set up your development environment, add a breakpoint and use the debugger to pause after preJobExecute execution.)
  • Uploading of plugins to the masking engine - the maskScript install sub-command
  • Sample driver support for MSSQL extended database connector

Getting More Information

Several other sources of information are available to aid in plugin development:

  • The file under docs in the Extensible SDK download archive
  • The Masking Plugin API Javadoc
  • Invoke maskScript (located under sdkTools/bin in the SDK download) with the -h option for usage help