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Out of the Box Profiling Settings

The Delphix Platform comes out of the box with over 50 profile Expressions to help you discover over 30 types (account numbers, addresses, etc.) of sensitive data. The expressions are organized into a number of pre-built Profile Sets that can be easily applied to a rule set when a profile job is created.

Standard Profile Set

This is the recommended default profile set. It contains column level and type expressions appropriate for detecting a wide range of sensitive information.

The column and type expressions used in this profile set are described here.


This profile set contains type expressions that are not viewable or modifiable using the product's web UI. It is necessary to use the products profileSet Web API endpoint to view and modify the complete details of this profile set.

Legacy Profile Sets

The legacy profile sets are provided for backward compatibility - specifically, to provide consistent results for pre-existing profiling jobs. For other uses, the Standard profile set described above is preferred. The legacy profile sets do not contain any type expressions to restrict matching based on column type.

These profile sets are:

  • Financial - Legacy
  • HIPAA - Legacy

The expressions used by these profile sets are described here.