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Google Cloud Platform Installation

This section covers the virtual machine requirements for the installation of a dedicated Delphix Masking Engine on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Machine Types

The following is a list of instance types that are supported to deploy Delphix on GCP. Delphix periodically certifies new instance types, which will be added to the list here.

Requirements Notes
n2-standard-(16, 32, 64) Larger instance types provide more CPU, which can prevent resource shortfalls under high I/O throughput conditions.
n2-highmem-(8, 16, 32, 64) Larger instances also provide more memory, which the Delphix Engine uses to cache database blocks. More memory will provide better read performance.

Network Configuration

Requirements Notes
Virtual Private Cloud You must deploy the Delphix Engine and database/file servers in a VPC network to ensure that private IP addresses are static and do not change when you restart instances. When adding connectors to the Masking Engine, you must use the host's VPC (static private) IP addresses.
Static Public IP The GCP Delphix instance must be launched with a static IP address; however, the default behavior for VPC instances is to launch with a dynamic public IP address – which can change whenever you restart the instance.
Security Group Configuration The default security group will only open port 22 for SSH access. You must modify the security group to allow access to all of the networking ports used by the Delphix Engine and the various source and target engines.
Premium Networking It is recommended to use GCP Premium Tier Networking.

Storage Configuration


You must always attach a minimum of 2 storage pools to the Delphix Engine; one for rpool and other for domain0 pool.

System Disk

The minimum recommended storage size for the System Disk is 300 GB.

Metadata Disk(s)

The minimum recommended storage size of the Metadata Volume is 50 GB.

Additional GCP Configuration Notes

  • Delphix supports both Zonal and Regional SSD persistent disks.

Installing on Google Cloud Platform

This section covers the requirements, including memory and data storage, for deploying the Delphix Engine on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Prerequisites to Deploying in GCP

  • A license is required to use the Delphix software. If you are a new customer contact Delphix to get started.

Deploying a Delphix Engine in GCP

  1. Log into Google Cloud Marketplace with your account.
  2. Search for Delphix.
  3. Click Launch on Compute Engine.
    • Machine Type: See the table below for supported configurations.
    • Boot disk type: SSD Persistent Disk
    • Boot disk size in GB: 127
    • Networking interfaces: Configure as appropriate for your environment
    • IP forwarding: Configure as appropriate for your environment
  4. Click on Deploy.
  5. Once deployed, go to Setting up the Delphix Engine section to learn how to activate the masking service now that you have the software installed.