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Character Mapping

See Character Mapping for more information about this algorithm framework.

Creating a Character Mapping Algorithm via API

  1. Retrieve the frameworkId for the Character Mapping Framework. This information can be retrieved using the following endpoint:

    algorithm   GET /algorithm/frameworks

    The framework information should look similar to the following:

        "frameworkId": 8,
        "frameworkName": "Chracter Mapping",
        "frameworkType" : "STRING",
        "plugin" :
            "pluginId" : 7,
            "pluginName" : "dlpx-core"
  2. Create a Character Mapping algorithm instance via the following endpoint:

    algorithm   POST /algorithms

    Configure a new algorithm using the JSON formatted input similar to the following:

        "algorithmName": "Digits and A to F",
        "algorithmType": "COMPONENT",
        "frameworkId": 8,
        "algorithmExtension": {
            "caseSensitive": true,
            "preserveRanges": null,
            "characterGroups": [
                "0123456789", "[a-fA-F]"
        "minMaskedPositions": 1,
        "preserveLeadingZeros": false

Character Mapping Algorithm Extension

  • characterGroups (required, no default)

    Array of Strings
    A list of String values defining the characters to be masked. Each group must be either: - a Java regex style character group beginning with '[' - a String of the literal characters that comprise the group.

    Duplication of characters within or among groups is not permitted.

  • caseSensitive (default=true)

    Whether the mapping should be case sensitive. When this is false, each group must be composed either: entirely of characters having no case; or of pairwise matching sets of LC and UC characters - example: [a-zA-Z], not [a-bC-D].

  • minMaskedPositions (default=1, minimum=0)

    The minimum number of positions that must be replaced for masking to be considered successful. Non-conformant data handling is triggered whenever fewer positions are masked. Inputs containing only whitespace never trigger non-conformant data handling.

  • preserveRanges (optional)

    Array of PreserveRange objects
    A list of PreserveRange objects specifying regions of maskable characters to be preserved. Only maskable characters are considered when determining whether a position is preserved. Ranges are specified with position 0 representing the first maskable character.

  • preserveLeadingZeros (default=false)

    Whether to preserve leading '0' characters. This option may only be used when '0' is a masked character, and may not be used in conjunction with preserveRanges.

Character Mapping PreserveRange extension

  • start (minimum=0, required, no default)

    The starting position of the preserve range, indexed starting with 0.

  • length (minimum 1, required, no default)

    The length of the preserve range.

  • direction (default="FORWARD")

    Defines the processing direction for this preserve range, with FORWARD starting at the beginning of input, and REVERSE starting at the end. Possible enum values:
    - FORWARD - process left to right
    - REVERSE - process right to left