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Installing a Plugin onto the Delphix Masking Engine

Once you've successfully built a plugin, it's possible to upload it using the fileUpload endpoint in the Masking Engine's API Client, then install the plugin using the plugin endpoint. The SDK's maskScript includes a sub-command to automate this process. Replace "admin" with your username if you prefer to install the plugin as another user.

$ maskScript install -j <path to plugin JAR> -H <engine hostname> -u admin

For example, if you've chosen to build the included Sample Algorithm Plugin in its standard location, and the IP address of your Delphix Masking Engine is, this command would install the Sample Algorithm Plugin onto your engine:

$ maskScript install -j algorithm/build/libs/algorithm.jar -H -u admin

You will be prompted for the Delphix Masking Engine user's password.

Upon success, this command will display the JSON response from the API request, including details about the installed plugin as well as a list of the frameworks and algorithms that were installed.

When installing a plugin using the maskScript, the -n option may be used to override the plugin name on the Masking Engine. This may be used to install two plugins with the same built-in name on the engine at once (for example, two different versions of the same plugin), but should usually be avoided due to the potential confusion that can result from installing the same plugin on multiple engines with different names.


The Web API Client may also be used to manage the plugins installed on the Delphix Masking Engine, as described in this section. Also, algorithms support installing multiple plugins on a masking engine.