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Date Shift Fixed

Based on Extensible Algorithm Framework

The Date Shift Fixed algorithm is an instance of the Date Shift Algorithm Framework masking the input to 5 days in the future with roll enabled so only the day of the month will change, all other units will remain the same. Dates at the end of the month will roll back to the beginning of the same month in the same year. The out-of-the-box instance of this algorithm is called DateShiftFixed.

For example:

  • "2001-02-05 12:30:00" → "2001-02-10 12:30:00"
  • "2001-02-27 15:45:00" → "2001-02-04 15:45:00"
  • "2001-12-28 00:00:00" → "2001-12-02 00:00:00"


This algorithm may generate non-conformant data events.