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dlpx-core:CM Alpha-Numeric

Based on Extensible Algorithm Framework

The CM Alpha-Numeric algorithm is an instance of the Character Mapping Algorithm Framework.


CM Alpha-Numeric should only be used on non-numeric data types.

This algorithm masks all ASCII digit, lowercase, and uppercase characters, as well as some extended latin and cyrillic characters. Refer to the framework description for details of how masking is performed.

At least one character in the input must be masked, or Non-Conformant data handling will be triggered.


The character mapping algorithm can be used for tokenization and reidentification jobs.

For example:

  • "6379315274824970" → "0345698341375224"
  • "ABCxyz123" → "HANwhp391"
  • "Sí" → "Cž"
  • "999-12-3456." → "668-23-1138."
  • "2000:a86f::1" → "3893:u55x::0"


This algorithm may generate non-conformant data events.