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Based on Extensible Algorithm Framework

The SchoolNameLookup algorithm is an instance of the Secure Lookup Algorithm Framework.

This algorithm performs a lookup on the input value and returns a value from the provided lookup file. It is possible for this algorithm to produce the same output value for different input values. Inputs to this algorithm are case-sensitive so two inputs with the same value in different cases may mask to different values. Leading and trailing whitespaces are preserved by this algorithm.

The lookup values for this algorithm are schools and colleges in the format School Name, State, USA.

For example:

  • "Columbia University" → "Smith College, Massachusetts, USA"
  • "clown college" → "Ithaca College, New York, USA"
  • "The Culinary Institute" → "Stanford University, California, USA"
  • "UCLA" → "Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York, USA"